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Yellow poplar trees grow taller than any other U.S. hardwood species and heights can reach 150 feet.

The wood is generally white, often with a slightly yellowish cast. Poplar timber is a light colored, low density hardwood with a fine texture and complete lack of resin or taint. The timber is durable, moderately strong, and resistant to splitting.

Sawn timber can be used for a variety of purposes: joinery, pulp, paper, furniture, structural work, flooring, boxes, crates, wooden utensils, veneer, plywood and farm timber.

Its ability to work, stain, polish, varnish and glue make poplar an easy timber for manufacturers to use.

Poplar was the most common wood used in Italy for panel paintings; the Mona Lisa and indeed most famous early renaissance Italian paintings are on poplar.

Customer Testimonials

The coffin arrived today. My uncle loved it, it was just as he wanted it. Thank you, the funeral director was impressed also. We will be recommending you to others.



Poplar Caskets

We offer Poplar Caskets & Coffins in Standard, Contemporary, Eco Casket and Old World designs.

poplar coffin

poplar coffin lined in light blue

Poplar Casket


This Poplar casket is designed in the European style with a raised 1 piece lid and rod & bracket wood handles. It is lined in white, fully sanded with a light cherry stain and finished to a high gloss. Sized to fit a standard vault.

This Poplar Casket was designed in the Contemporary style with an optional two piece raised lid for viewing and rod & bracket wood handles. It has a natural stain and a semi-gloss finish.

Prices starting at only $849.00 in the Standard style.

Basic Features of all our Solid Poplar Caskets & Coffins

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