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Oversized Pine Casket

Custom oversized casket made out of Paulownia wood.Custom Oversized Poplar Casket with a one piece low profile lid.

Oversized Caskets

Casket Description:

Most of our oversize caskets are 30", 32", 34" and 36" wide, with larger and smaller, widths and lengths available.

We can also build you a custom casket to any size, in any of our styles and designs to meet your special requirements.

Standard Features:
  • Solid wood box construction with reinforced corners & joints.
  • Solid wood Handles - available in One Piece, Low Profile or Rod & Bracket styles.
  • Solid wood Lid with reinforced corners & joints - available in 1 or 2 Piece - Flat or Raised styles.
  • Fully sanded, stained & finished.
  • Interior fully lined & padded.
  • brass hardware.
Wood Characteristics:

Our oversized caskets are made here in the USA using solid wood lumber in all parts of the casket, including the lid, box, even the bottom.

Options Available:
  • Rod & bracket wood handles.
  • Folding metal handles.
  • 2 piece - split lid (for viewing).
  • Exterior Trim-work.
  • Moulded lid design.
  • Wide choice of stain & liner colors.
  • Custom sizes.
Picture Gallery

Oversized Pine 1 Oversized Pine 2 Oversize Pine 3 Oversize Poplar 1

Oversized Casket Prices Start at $899.00

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“Although I expect to live many more years I realized that with my unusual size I needed to make arrangements well in advance so my lovely wife Diane would not be left with the added burden of finding a going away box that was big enough for me at the last minute.

Caskets By Design helped me to plan ahead for my funeral by custom building me a wider and longer custom wood casket. By meeting my special needs they took the bite out of the usually high cost of getting a custom made casket by building one for me at a reasonable price.

By having it built in advance of need and storing it in our storage unit I saved at least $1,800 in comparison to another discounted custom built wood casket from a wholesale distributor. The savings in comparison to a custom built metal casket (longer and wider) was nearly $4,000.

I highly recommend Terri and Mike’s service for those who want a dignified yet reasonable approach to an oversize casket for their funeral service.”

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