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We manufacture wood caskets for sale direct to the public, with prices starting at only $499.00. Don't be forced into paying more for your casket or coffin, as we will save you $100's or even 1,000's compared to the other caskets that most funeral homes and on-line retailers offer.

Our caskets are made here in the USA and are attractive, dignified and of the best quality. They are available in a wide selection of styles, from a simple basic box to elegant hardwoods, in standard, oversized & custom sizes, crafted in both popular and rare wood types, with a wide choice of stain and liner colors available.

By using one of our quality funeral caskets you will save on average 15%-35% or more on the total cost of your funeral.

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veterans military casket - with folding metal handles.

Veterans Caskets

We are very proud to offer this new line of caskets specifically for those who have served in the American military.
pine casket - prices starting only $499.00.

Pine Caskets

Our most popular style, solid Pine Caskets available in variety of designs & options.
cedar casket

Cedar Caskets

Made from Aromatic Red Cedar, these caskets are popular for use in natural as well as traditional burials.
old world coffins for sale - (made from pine/cedar).

Traditional Coffins

We are one of the few casket companies in the United States that still make the traditional style of wooden coffins that are still used in many of the European countries today.
eco friendly casket - 100% biodegradable materials.

Eco Friendly Caskets

Each one is built from approved 100% biodegradable and non-toxic materials. Available in both finished & unfinished versions, offered in all our styles, and wood types.
solid mahogany casket

Mahogany Caskets

Solid Mahogany Caskets priced hundreds less than other on-line retailers & thousands less than most funeral parlors.
oversized casket

Oversized Caskets

We can build you an oversized casket in any of our styles to meet your requirements. Common sizes are 28", 30", 32", 34" & 36", with wider sizes available.

Full List Of Funeral Caskets

Browse through an index of over 50 pages and 20 styles, categorized by wood type & style.

Basic Blue Pine Casket by Caskets by Design
Basic Pine Casket

In Stock.

Sale Priced: $699.00 More Details

Pine-Cedar Coffin by Caskets by Design

Pine-Cedar Coffin

In Stock.

Simple Pine Casket by Caskets by Design
Simple Pine Casket

In Stock.

$849.00 Free Shipping

Special free shipping via truck freight to the lower 48 US States, business addresses only, average delivery time is 3-7 business days. (residential shipping at an additional cost)

Premier 2 Tone Pine Coffin by Caskets by Design
Premier 2 Tone Pine Coffin


Sale Priced: $899.00 More Details

Customer Testimonials

“Although I expect to live many more years I realized that with my unusual size I needed to make arrangements well in advance so my lovely wife Diane would not be left with the added burden of finding a going away box that was big enough for me at the last minute.

Caskets By Design helped me to plan ahead for my funeral by custom building me a wider and longer custom wood casket. By meeting my special needs they took the bite out of the usually high cost of getting a custom made casket by building one for me at a reasonable price.

By having it built in advance of need and storing it in our storage unit I saved at least $1,800 in comparison to another discounted custom built wood casket from a wholesale distributor. The savings in comparison to a custom built metal casket (longer and wider) was nearly $4,000.

I highly recommend (5 Stars) Terri and Mike’s service for those who want a dignified yet reasonable approach to an oversize casket for their funeral service.”

richard kiel casket testimonial

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Helpful Info from the Funeral Consumer Alliance

Traditionally, caskets have been sold only by funeral homes. But now, under the Funeral Rule, you can buy a casket from an outside source and have it shipped directly to the funeral home. The Funeral Rule also requires funeral homes to agree to use a casket you bought elsewhere and does not allow them to charge you a fee for using your own.

For many years, the funeral home industry practice was to wrap the cost of the funeral service into the sale price of caskets, with a mark-up of 300-500-700% or more. The average cost of a funeral in the U.S. is ($7,200*) thats almost three times that in Great Britain ($1,650) and more than twice what it is in France ($2,200) or Australia ($2,100).

Shipping Note: Our casket's are shipped via truck freight to the lower 48 US States only, average delivery time is 4-7 business days. We will call you to schedule a delivery time. Delivery can be made directly to any funeral home or business address, with home delivery possible under certain conditions.

Contact Us by phone M-S 8am-6pm MT, Toll Free at 1-866-450-6290 or anytime by email at sales(at) or click here to leave us a message.

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