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Wood Coffins
Cedar Coffins
Pine Coffins
Maple Coffins
Coffin Styles
Simple/Basic Coffins
Eco-Friendly Coffins
Premier Trimmed Coffins


Custom Wood Caskets & Coffins

Specialty caskets made of wood, custom made wood caskets.

Custom oversized casket made out of Paulownia wood.

Below are few examples of what past customers have requested most often;

Caskets made of unusual wood types. Including Paulownia & Hemlock.

Casket & Coffin beds. Double wide caskets with air vents.

Special sealed caskets.

Caskets with glass inserts in the lid.

Special engravings, carvings or inlays.

Prop caskets used in Hollywood movies, theater plays & television commercials.

Magicians caskets. Specially designed for use in their magic acts.

Party caskets. Plenty of room for the cake & punch.

Birthday Party Casket

If you have a question, comment or have a special request please call or contact us here.


Contact Us by phone M-S 8am-6pm mt., toll free at 1-866-450-6290 or anytime by email at sales@casketsbydesign.com or click here to leave us a message.

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