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Wood Coffins
Cedar Coffins
Pine Coffins
Maple Coffins
Coffin Styles
Simple/Basic Coffins
Eco-Friendly Coffins
Premier Trimmed Coffins

No matter where or when you’re buying a casket, it’s important to remember that its purpose is to provide a dignified way to move the body before burial or cremation.

No casket, regardless of its qualities or cost, will preserve a body forever. Metal caskets frequently are described as “gasketed,” “protective” or “sealer” caskets.

These terms mean that the casket has a rubber gasket or some other feature that is designed to delay the penetration of water into the casket and prevent rust.

The Funeral Rule forbids claims that these features help preserve the remains indefinitely because they don’t. They just add to the cost of the casket.

Cremation Service - Peace At Sea specializes in providing cremation & burial services to the Florida public in the safest and most affordable way.

Our caskets cost less than Walmart caskets.

If your shopping around for a low priced casket, then look no further. We manufacture quality custom wood caskets, right here in the USA, and offer them for less money than Walmart.

Just because Walmart started selling caskets does not mean that they have the cheapest priced caskets, no way.

Walmart offers the same brand/style of caskets that the funeral homes offer at maybe a 10% discounted price, and in fact some funeral homes are actually cheaper.

We offer custom solid Hardwood & Softwood Caskets & Coffins in a wide assortment of styles, including an Eco-Pine casket priced at only $499.00 to a Deluxe Hardwood Oak or Mahogany Caskets that are $1,000's less than most Funeral Homes similarly styled caskets.

See how our Caskets compare to Walmart Caskets:

Here are a few examples,

Walmart   Caskets by Design   You Save!
---- ---- Eco-Pine $499.00  
Lady de Guadalupe $995.00 Standard Pine $599.00 $396.00-40%
Regal Wide Body Steel Casket $1,199.00 Oversized Pine $899.00 $300.00-25%
American Patriot Steel Casket $1,299.00 Premier Veterans $949.00 $350.00-27%
Sienna Bronze Casket $3,199.00 Premier Mahogany $1599.00 $1600-50%

Our complete style & price list

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