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Hand Crafted Solid Cedar Caskets

Here are a few examples of our Cedar Caskets fashioned in the Modern Contemporary style.

Cedar Casket

This Cedar Casket had a raised 2 piece moulded lid, solid 1 piece wood handles and was stained with a tinted shellac base and then a high gloss finish was added. Sized to fit a standard vault.

Custom Cedar Casket - Modern Style

This Cedar Casket was fashioned in the modern style, had a standard raised lid, wood handles and finish.

Red Cedar Casket

This Cedar Casket was fashioned in the modern style, made out of Tennessee Red Cedar with a natural clear finish.

Our cedar caskets come fully lined in your choice of color, with a raised one piece lid and wood handles standard, custom styles available upon request.

Basic Features of all our Solid Wood Cedar Caskets.

Our Most Requested Caskets

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