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Casket Construction

All of our caskets and coffins are designed and built utilizing superior methods and materials, from the solid wood construction to the hand finished exterior, each one of our products is made from scratch, from start to finish at our Idaho facility.

See below what actually goes into the making of each one of our caskets and coffins.

We hand select all of our wood stock to ensure it meets our requirements, such as size, color, grain structure, thickness, etc. Any material that has any defects such as splits, excessive knots, warping is not acceptable.

The wood planks come to us in a rough, semi-unfinished condition, in what's know as a skip planed or 2SP form, which means that the planks are of varying widths between 3"- 8", but have been lightly planed down to just under 1" thick. All parts of the casket, ie, box, lid, handles and moudling are formed from this rough lumber.

#1 Gluing the Wood Stock

Truing up rough lumber

The first step is to true up and square the planks by using a special guide and trimming the sides on a table saw, which usually takes 4-6 cuts per board.

This creates a smooth straight edge so that when we glue the planks together it forms a good tight joint.

biscuit cutter

After all the stock has been trued up, the pieces are mated according to color and grain structure, then the boards are marked for placement of the biscuits.

A plate joiner is used to cut the slots for the biscuits.

The use of biscuits will give this joint much greater strength.

boards ready for biscuits These boards are ready for gluing.
applying glue to edges of wood Liberal amounts of glue are applied, then the biscuits are inserted.
Biscuited joint being assembled

The two pieces are then slipped together.


clamped biscuit joint Woodworking clamps are used at 12" intervals to hold the two pieces together, note how the glue is being squeezed out.
Glued wood cleaned up

After all the clamps have been secured, the excess glue is wiped away and the glued pieces are set aside for drying.

These pieces will be used for the sides, ends and lid of the casket.






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