Solid Wood Caskets

We manufacture quality wood caskets in a wide selection of designs and styles available in both traditional and unusual wood species.

Our Wood Caskets will save you $100's or even 1,000's off your total funeral costs, because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, no 3rd party handlers.

All our caskets are made from solid lumber in all parts of the casket, including the lid, box, even the bottom.

Below we've organized all our wood caskets by specie then by styles offered, please take a few minutes and browse through our wide selection.

We always welcome special requests, click here for custom requests.

Each specie of wood has it's own defining characteristics, such as grain, color variations, texture, knots, mineral deposits & streaks, and sap runs.

These natural markings make each type wood casket unique and contributes to its overall beauty.

Alder Wood Casket

Birch Wood Casket

Alder Casket made from solid alder wood. birch wood plank
Basic Alder Wood Casket Premier Alder Wood Casket
Coming Soon

Cedar Casket

Cherry Wood Casket

Solid cedar wood caskets. cherry wood plank
Basic Cedar Casket Premier Cedar Casket
Basic Cherry Wood Casket Premier Cherry Wood Casket

Cypress Wood Casket

Hemlock Wood Casket

cypres wood plank hemlock wood plank
Coming Soon
Basic Hemlock Wood Casket Premier Hemlock Wood Casket

Mahogany Casket

Maple Wood Casket

premier Mahogany wood casket w/center split lid. Spalted Maple Casket w/ natural clear finish.
Basic Mahogany Casket Premier Mahogany Casket
Basic Maple Wood Casket Premier Maple Wood Casket

Oak Casket

Paulownia Wood Casket

Premier Oak Casket with light stain. Custom Paulownia Wood Casket with special inlay in lid.
Basic Oak Casket Premier Oak Casket
Basic Paulownia Wood Casket Premier Paulownia Wood Casket

Pine Casket

Poplar Casket

Knotty Pine casket with reddish stain. Solid Poplar Wood Casket.
Basic Pine Casket Premier Pine Casket
Basic Poplar Casket Premier Poplar Casket

Redwood Casket

Walnut Casket

redwood plank walnut plank.
Coming Soon
Basic Walnut Casket Premier Walnut Casket

The advantages of Wood over Steel:

  • Wood products are a real renewable natural resource.
  • Each tree that is harvested is replaced with young trees that remove carbon from the atmosphere at a much higher rate than older forests.
  • The manufacturing of Wood products uses less energy, creating less pollution.
  • The energy used in and pollution created by the manufacturing of steel and plastic are much greater than that of wood products manufacturing.
  • Steel products come at a much greater environmental cost than wood.
  • Iron ore and petroleum products used in making steel and plastic are non-renewable natural resources.

Beware of foreign made caskets: In recent years the importing of foreign made caskets has increased dramatically, the overall quality of their products are much lower than domestically made ones.

Many on-line retailers and funeral homes use the term "wood casket" but many, if not most of their products use a very thin veneer of wood over pressed board construction, they are not true "wood caskets".

It is your responsibility to notify the funeral home of your order within 1 business day.

Shipping Note: Our casket's are shipped via truck freight to the lower 48 US States only, average delivery time is 4-7 business days. We will call you to schedule a delivery time.

Delivery can be made directly to any funeral home or business.

Contact Us by phone M-S 8am-6pm mt, toll free at 1-866-450-6290 or anytime by email at or click here to leave us a message.

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