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Our European Old World style of coffins are available in variety of wood types with Poplar, Pine and Mahogany being the more popular. It can be made with a raised one piece lid or a split lid for viewing. Exterior configurations include a Standard or Contemporary style, wood handles are standard with metal or none being optional. Color choices are from natural to very dark. Interiors come in unlined or fully lined and padded, in your choice of color. We also offer our European Old World coffins in a 100% Eco-Friendly version.

Alder Old World Coffin

Attractive Premier Solid Alder Coffin with one piece lid and wood handles, deluxe trimming, sanded and finished with a clear lacquer, standard sized and is to be lined in your choice of colors.


poplar coffin with oak stain

This Poplar Coffin is designed in the European Old World Contemporary style with a raised lid and solid wood handles. Sized to fit a standard vault.

Cedar/Pine Coffin

Cedar Coffin

Old World Coffin made from Cedar & Pine, standard sized box with a raised single lid, folding handles, stained with a dark honey tone, to be lined in your choice of color.


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