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Wood Coffins
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Pine Coffins
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Coffin Styles
Simple/Basic Coffins
Eco-Friendly Coffins
Premier Trimmed Coffins

Green Burial Resources

Bannock Pride Advocates for natural burials, Native Traditional Funeral Homes, Funeral Consumer Education and Consulting Services, and Funeral Consumer Seminars.

Farewell Assistance Providing Strength and Direction at a Time of Loss

GreenBurials.org Green Burials,...Return Naturally

Why Natural or Green Funerals, Here is a list of natural resources (& chemicals) buried in the United States annually:

90,272 tons of steel caskets

2,700 tons of copper and bronze caskets

1,636,000 tons of reinforced concrete vaults

14,000 tons of steel vaults

827,060 gallons of embalming fluid

On a per acre basis 97.5 tons Steel caskets

2030 tons Concrete vaults.

Biodegradable Eco Caskets for use in Green burials.

Our Eco-friendly wood caskets are available in a variety of soft and hardwoods, with Cedar and Pine being more popular. Each one is built from approved biodegradable and non-toxic materials. Our green burial caskets are a responsible earth friendly alternative to the factory assembly line "stamped steel" units the major casket manufacturers make.

We offer our Green Caskets in all of our styles from Standard, Premier and Old World designs.

Eco Casket made from Alder wood.

This Eco Casket was built out of solid Alder Wood in the Contemporary Style, it has a raised one-piece ornate lid and solid wood handles.

This Green Casket is designed in the Contemporary style from Cedar with 100% Eco-friendly materials used in its construction. It has a raised 1 piece lid and rod & bracket wood handles, Sized to fit a standard vault.

This casket is built to Eco Friendly standards with a raised 1 piece lid and rod & bracket wood handles. Sized to fit a standard vault.

Eco Pine Box

Features on all our Eco Style Caskets

Eco Casket prices starting at $599.00 (unfinished & unlined)

Contact Us by phone M-S 8am-6pm mt., toll free at 1-866-450-6290 or anytime by e-mail at sales@casketsbydesign.com or click here to leave us a message.

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